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Has a question for you...

Do you ever think to yourself or wish you could ask someone else "what's my soul's path" or "what's my  purpose while here on earth?" Or just simply, "what am i doing here?"
well then...We have something very exciting and new for you...
Uncover your soul's path and purpose...
Receive Compassionate Support and Guidance for you and your soul to assist you on taking the steps to get to where you can finally feel you are living a life full of Joy, Meaning and Purpose.
 1 hour Session 150~
   3 for 375~
   6 for 660~

Are you finding it challenging right now?

~Me too! 

Watch this video to hear how to cope and allow the angels to make it easier for you! 

Video Of The Month

Watch this video to Hear about the Lonely Prince.

A Supportive and healing book full of The Angels love.


I am a powerful being of light! As you are in your essence and core.



In my human self I am imperfect and vulnerable. It is my Spirit and my connection to God and The Angels that gives me my strength.


When I allow my spirit to guide me it enables me to have a strong inner knowing of what I am meant to do. I sit very quietly and I only take action when I know for certain it is the right thing to do for me and for my soul. This way I can remain calm in the pauses of life and let go of worry and anxiety over making a mistake.

As I communicate with The Angels about all things, it helps me to have a much deeper understanding of what is happening in the world and why. 

If you would like to have this sense in your life, to feel always loved and to know for certain that you are not alone, I can help you with that.  


 I can shine the healing light of The Angels on you and help you to connect to this same power and light that is your own birth right!


In this way you will feel what it is like to be truly loved and supported from a completely unconditional source.

I was not always aware of this power of love in my life. In my childhood I was abused and did not receive love, compassion and understanding from the adults who raised me. This pushed me to search for the meaning of my life from a higher power. In my teens I found this while sitting by a stream and journalling. The truth came through to my soul and  I knew then that I was not alone.


This is the message that The Angels would like me to share  with you. 



The Angels and your spirit are always here with you. They love you unconditionally and only wish for you to receive this love. You have free will, which is a true universal law, and they cannot intervene in your life and help you unless you specifically ask them to. Please ask. There is nothing too small and it is their greatest joy and gives them meaning to their own purpose to help and aide you in yours.

All through my adulthood I have honed my connection with The Angels. By following their guidance I have come to trust in my own intuition. By allowing them into my life I have a feeling of support and safety and I know I can call on them to help with all aspects of my and my children's lives.


In their name I am so happy to help you too. I would love for you to reach out to me  so I can connect you to your own spirit and to The Angels who are here for you and who love you unconditionally.

Thank you, I love you and The Angels do too!


If you are tired of trying to do everything yourself and you are ready for some much needed help, give The Angels and Heidi an opportunity to shower you with love and high vibrational positive energy.

Experience what it is like today to feel supported, honoured and understood. 

You will never feel alone again!



Want to fast track your healing?

Or Not enough time for a full hour session? Or Just want to try out what a session with Heidi and The Angels will feel like?


Give Heidi's Rocket-Booster Healing Session a try and feel better in just 15 minutes!

This can be a stand alone session or a session to help support the healing and clearing that has been done from a full hour session.




In this all-inclusive healing session The Angels will do clearings and healings sometimes going into your past to remove what is blocking you from experiencing the joy that you wish to experience in the present.


If you wish to have take away tools or exercises to use in your life to help facilitate and fast track your healing,  speeding you towards the amazing life that you so deserve, The Angels are very happy to provide you with this!


"BE Your True Authentic Self"

Join Heidi as she connects you with The Angels to overcome generations of blocks that prevent you from receiving what you want from life.
with Heidi McElvaine

This clearing from The Angels will allow you to:

  • FINALLY, Love and Value yourself to the core of your being.

  • Feel energized, extremely light, happy and LARGE in presence!

  • Open access to your own internal guidance

The Truth Of Love and Angels

Open this book and open your heart to connect with The Angels and feel their love. Energy encoded to raise your vibration! Let Heathcliff and Cathy show you how...

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life and having a hard time coping then use this easy process. It only takes a couple of seconds and then you can go on with your day. Think of yourself in your own Bubble. A Bubble that is impenetrable. Ask the Angels and your Spirit to hold the space for you!


A Message From The Angels

September 26, 2017

Overcoming Sadness

September 23, 2017

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