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About Heidi

I am a powerful being of light!

Not to mean that I am not human and imperfect. Just that my Spirit gives me power and when I allow it to come through me I can shine it out to the world.


All my life I have been searching for the truth. In the essence of my being; I am a truth seeker and a truth teller.

I come here with the ability to hold The Truth in my energy Field. From this place of Truth we can all heal and transform. 


I am also a real human being living life just as any of you do. I have the same challenges and hopes and dreams for myself and my family. From going through many challenges myself; I understand anything you may have gone through.


I do not hold judgement for past choices only compassion for the heart and souls who may have lost their way. Down here it is difficult to navigate through all the contrasting messages and it can be confusing to know whose voice to listen to.

As a child I felt very alone and completely unsupported. The adults around me were out of control and not acting from their higher selves. I did not know who to trust or whose voice I should be listening to. The Angels guided me to listen to my own voice deep down inside of me.

I know now that I was always surrounded and loved. The Angels were always there with me and they are always by your side too. They witness everything you are going through. You are never alone!


I have learned how to connect to my own inner truth and I can teach you how to connect to your own.

Now, I can help you by listening to the spaces between your words and feeling what is the truth behind the issues that are keeping you from living a divine life!

When I speak the words of Truth the vibration connects to The Truth that is inside of you. The Truth of who you are begins to awaken and, over the next days and weeks, will make itself known to you. In your heart and in your conscious mind. 

The Truth is your heart. The Truth is your soul. The Truth is your highest self!


 Once you have connection to this pure Truth which is The Truth of you, in your highest essence, you will be able to make the decisions that can empower you to move forward with ease and with confidence in your life. 

This Truth truly is the healing source of your life!


  • Certified Six Sensory Teacher (Sonia Choquette),

  • Alchemical Healing (Nicki Scully),

  • Quick Pulse Practitioner (Jo Dunning),

  • Instant Miracle Process Practitioner (Mary A Hall),

  • Matrix Energetics Level 4 (Dr. Richard Bartlett),

  • Certified Assertiveness Coach (Doreen Virtue),

  • Law of Attraction Coach Training.

  • Angel Energy Systems Healer

About the Angels

The Angels want...


to REVEAL to you how you can change with ease and grace, how to experience more love NOW.

you to know your value, to love yourself - they feel it is the most important thing for us as humans to experience.

What if you could LOVE YOURSELF beyond all measure?





If you loved and valued yourself completely you would be experiencing a completely different existence.


Imagine yourself having an existence of love and joy with ease and grace.  



The Angels know that your life has challenges and you may have been abused or told no or that you were wrong.



Now The Angels really wish...


They could CUSHION YOU IN LOVE and HEAL and CLEAR the little child within YOU that feels UNSAFE to love YOU and does not trust yourself to make your own decisions.


The Angels would love to...


Guide you to your own knowing and truth and discernment.

Imagine finally feeling safe in their arms


Imagine finally having clarity


Imagine your inner child, that has been crying out and afraid, finally feeling love and recognition and reassurance


Wouldn't it be nice for The Angels to instill within you a sense of calm and well being and a feeling that you can trust yourself.

The Angels that I work with come from the 12th dimension.

In my work, or on these pages, anytime I refer to The Angels I am referring to The Angels of the 12th dimension; unless otherwise stated.

There are angels in every dimension and there are different angels that govern over different parts of your life and the world down here.

The Angels of the 12th dimension govern over all of these other angels. They are like the overseers. So by working with these Higher Angels you are in essence working with all of the angels.


When you call on The Angels of the 12th dimension, to help you in your life or with your body or loved ones, they instinctively know which Angel realm to contact.


The Angels of the 12th dimension will send you exactly the right angel, or set of angels, that is needed to offer their aid and assistance.


The Angels of the 12th dimension are very powerful and have the closest connection to God, Spirit and all that is. They are where my Truth comes from. They are The Truth. They speak The Truth. The Truth is their power.  Their power is Truth.

The Angels of the 12th dimension come from the highest and purest vibration that is the essence of pure unconditional Love.


All angels come without judgment. So, they never judge you. To them you are always seen in your perfection of your best self. All angels come with compassion for you and your experiences. All angels see you in your highest form. And they see you in your True Essence, the one that is hidden underneath all of your earthly expressions.

In working with The Angels of the 12th dimension they can help you to see the Truth in yourself and the Truth in the world and those around you.



They can clear away anything that stands in your path or comes from your past that is inhibiting you from seeing the brilliance of who you really are.


Who you are to The Angels is Love. They love you unconditionally. No matter what you think you may have done in this world or not done in this world. No matter what you feel guilty or shame over, The Angels always Love you and never ever forsake you.

The Angels of the 12th dimension say; We Love you and we Value you and we are here to help enable you to learn how to Love and Value yourself!