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When we are all empowered we all support each other. An empowered person does not need to put another person down in order for them to feel better. Being strong means being respectful and lifting others up.


As children we run and play and feel good in our bodies. As we grow and mature we try to conform to what society is illustrating to us on how we should behave, what we should think, what we should feel, what we should wear, what we should do and we forget about our true self and we forget about our joy.

That joy is you. That joy is your innocence essence.


I am here to help you get back to your place of joy. To reconnect you to the inner innocent essence of you… in other words your True Self .


When we become empowered we lift ourselves up and that in turn lifts up others around us. Sometimes the best way of helping those around us to overcome adversity is by us ourselves first overcoming the limitations that are holding us back.


Think back to a time when you were in your true joyful self, and you were in the present moment, just enjoying the feeling of skipping along the sidewalk or rolling down a hill or watching the ants climb a sand hill. Remember that innocence and sense of wonder that was in your being, that wonder is the presence of your spirit.

As adults it is in our own best interest to get back to that sense of wonderment again. From this place of wonder we can create new experiences and new worlds for ourselves and for our loved ones around us. Often what drives us is to make better the lives of our family and loved ones and somehow we forget ourselves in this equation.

Begin with me now on a new journey. The journey of self-discovery back to the You who you once were. Back to where you were in your sense of wonderment and joy and when you just felt good being on this planet; even if it was only just for a moment. We can go back and we can bring that feeling forward into your life at the present time. We can expand this feeling out and anchor it into your current experience. From this place we can create an expansive life for you and your loved ones. A life full of joy. A life where you feel connected to the truest sense of yourself.


You are in there somewhere. Underneath all the should’s that society and/or your family has placed on you is the small inner voice of the real you.

I can listen to that small quiet little voice that is very deep down inside of you. I can hear what it is this voice is actually trying to say. Let me show you the You that you have lost, or feel you’ve lost.


Allow me to reconnect you to that place inside of you and help you create a new path. To create a life in the present that you will feel so proud of. A life where you will feel proud of yourself. A life where you will know yourself and you will know how you feel about each situation and you will know what feels right for you. Therefore it will be very easy for you to know which step is the next step to take and which road is the next road to go down.

You will feel confident. You will feel strong. You will feel a sense of belonging. You won’t be swayed by media or society’s ideas. You will have your own inner sense of what is right for you. And you will have the confidence and conviction to be able to act if and when your true self needs you to act.


I have a strong connection to angels and spirit. I have training in law of attraction coaching and I understand the laws of the universe.  I am a certified assertiveness coach and as well I am a powerful energy healer. I combine all of these gifts that I have been given to give you a comprehensive experience.


You don’t need to know why you come. You don’t need to be able to see the solution.

You don’t even have to know the question.

I meet everyone soul to soul and I will be able to see the true you down in your core.

I can help you trace back and find out where things so-called went wrong. With the angels and some amazing energy techniques we can even rewrite the past and clear away old energies and traumas that may be holding you back.


Don’t live one more moment in inner pain. You do not have to live this way. I am here to show you the joy and the beauty that is the real you no matter what your outer experience looks like. You can feel happy inside. You can feel complete. You can feel satisfied with yourself. You can feel at peace while you live on this earth. You don’t have to wait for peace once your life and your journey has come to an end.

Don’t wait for death to have all these blissful experiences. You can choose to have them now while you are living your life. Let me show you how. Let me take you to that place of inner joy and inner wonderment. Let me reveal to you the real you. All this other stuff… pressures ,societies expectations, climbing the ladder, running the rat race. All of that is not really real and None of that Will bring you True satisfaction.

You can find a new way. A new way to be a new you… the real You. The You that you set out to be when you first came to this earth. The You that you were when you were young and innocent and unaware of society’s expectations. The You who you were before you were made to feel ashamed or embarrassed for living in your true essence. Let’s go back to that place. Back to the place where you first started to express yourself and before you were stifled or put down for being you. Let’s start from a place of joy.

You can decide to Feel Joy today! Don’t waste one more minute feeling despair or less than.


The Angels and I want you to feel so happy and feel so loved. And to know how valued you are. You are value just being you. Your purpose in this world is to be you! Anything else is just sauce and gravy. Let me help you get back to knowing yourself again. Get back to the real you and facilitate a way for you to bring that real you out into the world. So you no longer need to hide away, locked behind closed doors. You can express yourself in public. You can express yourself to your family. You can be all the things that you always wanted to be. It may not look exactly the same as you had envisioned it but you can get to a place where you will feel good in yourself no matter what is happening around you.

This is definitely feasible. This really can happen and it can happen for you.

Choose Joy! Choose Love! Choose You!