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Manifesting made easy 

Have you tried to Manifest before and it hasn't worked for you, or only worked at some times and not at others...

Have you ever wondered what you could be asking The Universe for... 


Have you been blaming yourself for not having the life you want?


Have you even wondered what the heck is Manifesting and why should I care about it anyway? 

I am here to tell you...It is not your fault! 

There is a lot of information out there and it can be confusing.

Would you like to know the fast and easy way to Manifest?

Let me take care of you!

The Secret Behind What I Do

is I Manifest With The Angels. 

As someone who cares about you, I would like you to ask yourself,

How would it feel to?

  • Finally understand what Manifesting is 

  • Learn how and when to Manifest

  • Know how to connect with The Angels

  • And how to ask them for help

  • Lessen your overwhelm

  • Lead a more balanced life

  • Feel supported and guided

  • Know clearly which direction to take

  • Attract the right clients

You can have all of this and more through

the Power of Manifesting...

You might be wondering if you can really improve your life and business just by manifesting?
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Full Price $497

Don't Take My Word For It

Listen as my client, Veronica Vargas, talks about the amazing shifts in her business that occurred while she was in the Manifesting program. This could happen to you!

Veronica Vargas, Creator/Imagineer


You might still be thinking, will this work for me?

Full Price $497

Seems too good to be true? You don't have to take my word for it. Here's what my past participants and clients are saying:

"My Intention seems to be Manifesting Beautifully...
What more could I ask for?"

Diane Sussman www.luminous-self.com

"Working with Heidi and the Angels of the 12th Dimension was a wonderful experience for me.  Each week, the course became an oasis where I could just fall into the flow and trust of the Universe, feel the exquisite clarity and love of the angels, and start to plan my next steps for manifesting my dream coaching business.  I am in the works of a re-focus for my offerings, to include more of what I do well, which is energy healing, movement, and creativity.  This feels so right and balanced and aligned with all that I have brought to the table so far, and I believe it will bring more ideal clients to my door.  This was my intention for the 5 week course, and it seems to be manifesting beautifully!  What more can I ask for?  Thank you Heidi, for your grace, your loving support, and your seamless teaching in the art of manifestation. Sending much love, Diane"

"I Feel a Closeness With the Angels I had not felt before"

Shelley Francis The Listening Lab www.MeetShelley.com

"Thank you so much for offering this course. It really made a big difference for me. Since taking your course I feel a closeness with the angels that I had not felt before. I am more comfortable talking with them, and I really feel supported by them in a way that I had not felt before. Thank you, thank you, thank you:) "~Shelley

Here are just some ways you can use Manifesting and connecting with The Angels to support you in your life and business:


1. You become crystal clear on what you want. With The Angels' assistance you will always know the next correct step to take.

2. You co-create your life, so you know you are not alone. You feel the love, support and guidance of The Angels.

3. The Angels will help you clear up space and create more time for you to enjoy your life! You will be able to access the abundance that is waiting for you. Your ideal clients will come looking for you and your business will grow and flourish.






















Would You Like To Know More?


Manifesting made easy 


                                the angels say

       "you can have the life you want today"

...a 5-module online program that will be delivered directly to your inbox each week- includes step-by-step training videos, practical tools, worksheets, and Q&A sessions with me.

These short videos and easy to implement tools will show you

step by step how to:

  • Get clear on what to ask for

  • Alleviate your stress

  • Understand the Universal Laws and how to get them to work for you 

  • Receive support and love and guidance from The Angels 

  • Start to attract wins

  • And much more

 Special Offer Holiday Sale $197
Full Price $497
"Heidi, is a Real Pro when it comes to Co-Creating with the Angels."

Zhanna Shpits, Mentor, Teacher, Singer-songwriter, www.hbacademytoday.com

"Heidi is a True Light and a beautiful Soul who is in close contact with "her Angels". And when I first experienced the Angel Reading session with her, I was totally blown away by her very real connection and presence of her Angels. I could feel that it was not just Heidi and me. It was Heidi, The Angels and me communicating. 

All the messages and answers that Heidi translated in a way I could understand did make sense to me and were exactly what I was looking for- the guidance, reassurance on certain topics and the reminder that I was never alone.

I didn't want my session to end as I couldn't get enough of Heidi's pure and loving energy. 

If you are in doubt, have burning questions to your Angels and/or would like to learn how to start communicating with your own Angels, Heidi would be the perfect person to contact. 

She is a real Pro when it comes to co-creating with the Angels.

Thank you so much Heidi for your Spirit, your Beingness and the Love you are spreading here on the Earth."~Zhanna