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Angel Energy Systems

May 1, 2017


Your beliefs are what is creating your experiences. If you change or alter your belief you can change or alter your experience.


Let's say you have a belief that in order to do effective writing and write from a place connected to your spirit you have to use a pencil and paper. Then this is limiting you.


If you do not have a pencil or paper in front of you, then according to this belief, you believe it is not possible for you to be writing at this present time. We (The Angels of the 12th Dimension) ask you then... How is this serving you?


Anything that comes with a limitation does not come from spirit. Spirit is about expansiveness and inclusiveness. With The Angels of the 12th Dimension's help we will look at where that belief began and clear away anything that is in the path of creating the most expansive experience possible. Then we can play with placing in a new belief such as; It is possible for you to create from a space of being connected to spirit using any medium that is available to you in the present moment. Including but not limited to; laptops, tablets, cell phones, typewriters, pens, papers, water, paint brushes, fingers, thoughts, and voice.


Will this not bring you more joy in your daily expression of life?


Our lives seem hard because we have beliefs in our mind that limit the way with which we can achieve the things that we need or wish to achieve in order to feel happiness, joy and satisfaction.


If you choose to live a life full of more joy and more ease and more expansion, 

Then you are choosing to live a life free of limiting beliefs.

Allow The Angels of the 12th Dimension to help you clear away all of these old limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. These beliefs are keeping you in a place of indecision. In the place of ineffectiveness. In a place of not knowing where to turn or what your next steps will be.


Allow The Angels of the 12th Dimension to come in with their powerful.... blissful...unconditional love.


A love that totally clears anything away that is standing in the way of you standing in your truth and your true essence of self!


Through me The Angels of the 12th Dimension have created a powerful healing tool called "Angel Energy Systems".


This Energy is so innovative and so miraculous that it can work to clear away old energies that are no longer serving us. At the same time; it can work to bring in the new energies that will serve to support us in achieving and attaining the things that will truly bring us joy and a sense of peace and purpose in this life.


This Energy moves so quickly and in all directions, of space and time, at the same time. It fills your cells, mind and body with so much joy. The Energy continues to work after a session with The Angels of the 12th Dimension is complete and it works for as long as is needed in order to change the old limiting belief into a new expansive one.


                        Illustrations by Veronica Vargas @ShabooPrints ©2017

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