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Overcoming Sadness

September 23, 2017

Friends, I have to broach a hard subject with you that is challenging me right now. I am just feeling so sad. Perhaps you are feeling the same way too? I see the injustice in the world. The intolerance and inability to look at things in a different way. The human arrogance to think only one way is right. The human ego believes there is only one answer. It cannot possibly perceive of alternate paths and choices. Each culture and religion says it is my way. Well, what if it was none of them? Or the Angels challenge us; What if it was all of them?


We always have to have a competition. Is it better to be black or white? Is it better to be tall or short? What about being male or female, trans, hetero or homo? So many judgements. So much anger. So much hate.


The Angels say to us "What if there is a new way. A way for us each to be fully who we really are in our core. And to stand tall in spirit, no matter what our human size. To truly own ourselves and not sit in judgement on others owning theirselves just because it differs from us".


Why are we so afraid? What is there to be afraid of? Why does diversity rattle our chains and send our brains screaming in defiance. Why can we not walk together, black, white, short, tall, man, woman, trans, hetero, homo? What is there preventing us from living in harmony, working together, creating a culture for our children that celebrates who they are in all their individuality.


The Angels teach us that our individuality comes from our spirit. No wonder so many people are unhappy and this is a world of addiction and narcissism. We have collectively turned away from the truth of who we really are. And that is spirit!


The Angels say that to truly love ourselves and feel happy in our own bodies and skin we have to let our spirit in. If you are feeling like me, and I know a lot of you are, then the Angels invite you to sit down someplace that is quiet and you can be alone with your thoughts. Take in a breath and ask your spirit to make itself known to you.


Say; "Spirit I am feeling so sad about the world. I am trying my hardest right now to live my life and do what is expected of me but sometimes it does not feel worth the effort even of breathing. There are so many judgements out there and I struggle to find a place where I can really fit in."


Then take a moment and just sit with your spirit. Feel what is in your heart. If it is sadness and you want to cry then let yourself release. When you release you create an opening, a space, for new energy to come in. If you feel nothing that is fine. The Angels will be with you, as they always are. They will be cushioning you in their love and the love of your spirit too. Sometimes the nothing that we feel is actually sacred space or the still point. It feels like nothing because it is calm but if you feel into that calm and breathe deeply you will notice a sense of well being come over you. You will feel calmer more relaxed and at peace. This is a great way to give your mind a break at anytime throughout your day. It doesn't have to take very long. Even a minute or two can do to reconnect you to the 'real you'.


We also invite you to make choices and decisions from this place of calm and spirit connection. Even deciding what to wear each day or what to have for dinner. Your spirit always knows what is best for you and can see the bigger picture. Your ego mind only knows what it learns through past experience. If you are only listening to your mind then you are holding yourself back. If you want to feel better and be more authentic then let your spirit make the choices for you.


The Angels are always with you and all you have to do is ask to allow them to help you with this or any other task. 

The Angels love you~



                                                Illustrations by Veronica Vargas @ShabooPrints ©2017

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